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Peru has a great diversity where provide us the most variety of own native fruits of Andean region and Peruvian Amazon. Being rich in diversities of fruits what make us different from all, besides we count with many subsoils and weather which help the production. Know some native fruit which are the most highlighted and rich in vitamins and minerals in the Peruvian territory, like golden berry, camu camu ,lucuma among others.



It is a fruit native to the Peruvian Andes known since the time of the Incas. These fruits are protected by a small shell of a texture like paper, with pleasant taste, exquisite aroma and its golden spheres look, gives this fruit an inviting appearance on the markets.


Camu Camu

Camu camu is a fruit that grows on the shores of the rivers of the Amazon in Peru. It is known that it contains high amounts of C vitamin that far exceeds the content in oranges and other citrus. In fact, the level of C vitamin is about 63 times higher than in lemon. This fruit of the Amazon rainforest is dried at low temperature to protect and maximize its nutritional and medicinal qualities. It also improves mood.



The first time the Spaniards tried this fruit, they called it “white delicacy” due to its intense sweetness, similar to the sugar cane. It is rough on the outside but docile on the inside; the cherimoya looks like a typical fruit of the tropical heat, just like the banana or the pineapple. However, it grows over the 1500 m.a.s.l. (4921,26 f.a.s.l.) at the foot of the Andes mountain range, very far from the Caribbean.



The Lúcumo is the most widespread and commercially most valuable species of Pouteria. It is a tree from the sapotaceae family, native from the Andes of Peru. It´s rich in fiber, iron and carotene. It could be consumed fresh or elaborated in ice cream and more. This food from the Incas contributes to increase the Level of hemoglobin and its richness in niacin or vitamin B3 stimulate the nervous system, it reduces the cholesterol, the triglycerides in the blood and the probabilities of heart attacks. In the northern valleys, their seeds appear on clay basins and po¢ery instruments, as well as in noble’s tombstones.


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