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The superfood mesquite belongs to the cultural and culinary heritage of Piura, in northern Peru. Its roots can reach down to aquifers, meaning it can dot the most arid landscapes of the north with its towering foliage of up to 65 feet tall. Sweet and highly nutritional, its botanical name is Prosopis pallida.

Considered this vigorous trunk like  divine gift because  it offers them shadow, food, podder, compost, wood, medicine and raw  material for different economic activities.

Human health benefits

Super mesquite is a natural energizer that can be eaten by children, athletes and the elderly. This food is gluten-free, and its soluble fiber content is good for intestinal flora because it helps get rid of harmful bacteria. The product cleanses the body of heavy metals and radioactive substances.
High in vitamin A, mesquite also helps lower blood sugar levels and builds strong bones and teeth. It can also help fight exhaustion, contribute to healthier skin and hair, stimulate breast milk and help keep a steady heart rate.

  • Native Fruits


  • the number of hectares

    3 500

  • collected tons

    33 836


Geographical distribution

Mesquite is a tree of the arid region of the north of the country, whose fruit has been of vital importance in the food of different peoples. It is consumed as fresh fruit, and when dried it can become flour used to make Pinole, sweet that can be found in San Luis Potosí and Sinaloa. Among its nutritional properties is: the high content of fiber and proteins, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium, in addition, that helps balance blood sugar levels, being a food ideal for diabetics; likewise, the processed flour is gluten free, also giving importance to the feeding of celiac people.


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