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The Lucuma is the most widespread and commercially most valuable species of Pouteria. It is a tree from the sapotaceae family, native from the Andes of Peru. It´s rich in fiber, iron and carotene. It could be consumed fresh or elaborated in ice cream and more. This food from the Incas contributes to increase the Level of hemoglobin and its richness in niacin or vitamin B3 stimulate the nervous system, it reduces the cholesterol, the triglycerides in the blood and the probabilities of heart attacks. In the northern valleys, their seeds appear on clay basins and poetry instruments, as well as in noble’s tombstones.

Human health benefits

– Provides carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to the diet.

– Contains beta-carotene, an antioxidant that delays the aging process.

– Reduces the possibility of heart attacks.

– Prevents anemia and strengthens the immune system.

  • Native Fruits


  • the number of hectares

    3 500

  • collected tons

    33 836


Geographical distribution

The fruit is 10 cm of diameter approximately , has green color whose pulp is a mix between yellow and orange , its texture is floury  and the peculiar flavor . The lucuma is origin of Andean area is consumed since two thousand years ago, going up the origin to Nazca culture. It is also evident in images of huacos from the Mochica culture, the same that was developed in the North Coast of Peru.


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