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These products give you more than one benefit, both internal and external, since these products also help in the care of the skin and to have a healthy organism, such as reducing stress and fatigue; they help control blood sugar, in addition to rejuvenating and strengthening the immune system. All this gives us our Peruvian nature through the raw materials that can be harvested and produced in different parts of Peru.


Cat's Claw

Native to Peru’s virgin rainforests, this medicinal vine is known as the “Amazonian miracle of herbal medicine.” It is used to treat illnesses that attack the immune system, like cancer or HIV. The tribes of the Amazon hold this herb sacred because of its great contribution to medicine. Its other names include uña de gato, samento, rangaya, garabato, bejucote andUncaria tomentosa.



Since the period of the Incas, the men from the Andes used the muña root as a portable refrigerator because it has the property to preserve food for many days. Today we know that “this product”, which grows in the highest part of the mountains, has more calcium and phosphorus than the maca, the key for growing and maintaining bones and teeth. According to modern medicine, muña contributes to the function of the nervous system and prevents osteoporosis. Medical vistues are attributed the plant on an 18th century text wrote by an anonymous herbalist.


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Herbs tha cure and plants that heal

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