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Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Ginger is a plant whose most known part is its rhizome. Also called kion, grows in the tropical regions of Peru, both for its recognized medicinal properties, and for its culinary use. It belongs to the family of Zingiberáceas, among which turmeric and cardamom are also found.


Ginger is a miraculous root, native to southwestern Asia. Ginger is currently harvested from tropical areas of Peru because of the diversity of its climates.

Human health benefits

-Contains Fiber and amino acids

-Stimulate de immunologic system

-Contains vitamin B and C

-Helps fight respiratory diseases

  • Native Fruits


  • the number of hectares

    3 500

  • collected tons

    33 836


Geographical distribution

La producción del jengibre se encuentra en las regiones tropicales el peru por sus características climáticas y de suelo. Siendo  las principales zonas de producción Pichanaki, Satipo, San Martín de Pangoa y Mazamari (región Junín), localidades ubicadas en el Valle del Río Apurímac, Ene y Mantaro (Vraem).


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