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Over the high Andean plateau where few crops develop between snowfalls and droughts, the cañihua grows in all its glory, painting the pampas of the highland like a fresh impression , with warm colors like scarlet, lilac, emerald, and indigo which contrast with the frozen spell of the puna weather.

Human health benefits

– It has high protein content suitable for limited-meat diets and a balance of first-line amino acids particularly rich in lysine, isoleucine and tryptophan.

– Contains vitamin E and B complex.

– Gluten free grains.

– Helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood and prevents heart diseases

  • Native Fruits


  • the number of hectares

    3 500

  • collected tons

    33 836

  • Amount of workers


  • Number of equipment



Geographical distribution

Cañihua (in Quechua: Qañiwa), this plant is a specie of Chenopodium pallidicaule similar for its composition of the quinoa. It is a native species of the Andean region with more than 200 varieties and has been cultivated in the Altiplano for millennia. Among its specific characteristics is the special tolerance to specific conditions of high motaña, the high content of proteins and dietary fiber and rich phenolic content. It is especially resistant to droughts and floods.


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