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Brazil Nut

The Brazil nut tree, one of the biggest in the Amazon, which can reach up to the 50m (164ft) of height, could tell us stories of more than a thousand years. The indisputable king of the forest vegetation possesses a treasure in shape of wood pills, storing a source of wealth for the palate and body. The Brazil nut, a delicious and healthy dried fruit, full of energy, fiber and protein without calories, is one of the main ingredients for newborns and kids foods.


It is find in natural shape and swild but just in amazon woods of Peru, Brasil , Guayana and Colombia. In commercial way you can find it in the first three country . The Peruvian Amazon, trees have been found 800 to 1.200 years of antique

Human health benefits

-Rich in amino acids, what can be the most help for people with nutrition problems and for athletes.

-Contains great quantity of vitamins and minerals

-Contains Fiber

-Improves the immunological system

  • Native Fruits

    Brazil Nut

  • the number of hectares

    3 500

  • collected tons

    33 836

  • Amount of workers


  • Number of equipment



Geographical distribution

The production provide of wild trees, these are found in the primary woods of department of  San Martin, but the acquisition of  the  raw material is done in provinces of  Tahuamanu  and  Tambopatañ.


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