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Us: (Vision and Mission)

From the Peruvian Andes (Junín - Peru), in 1985, we began to feel admiration
for the culture, tradition and love for Andean food inherited by the wisdom of
several generations.
As producers of maca, we have a clear idea about market competition.
Therefore, we provide an emphasis on production under the strictest standards
and international standards of quality and safety. Which allows us to guarantee
quality products. In addition, we have the vision and mission to provide 100%
organic food and share the benefits of the Peruvian nature to the world.
Thus, in 2005, "Organic Agribusiness Peru” was born. Which it is a family
business dedicated to the research, production and distribution of organic and
ecological products like maca, quinoa, purple corn, aguaymanto, raisins, camu
camu and nasturtiums.

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The Openfield Timeline



In this time was the first crop of Mr. Castañeda join with his wife Ms. Nancy Mateo, being one of the first farmers of maca in Junín - Peru.


Cooperative alliances

Mr Castañeda associated with greats cooperatives of maca , obtaining of this way organic accreditation for his own crops.


Business Creation

The owners Ms. Nancy Mateo and Mr. Guillero Castañeda funded the company Agrorganico Peru entering to the market with organic products.


Creation of the plant of production

In this time the company implement a plant with a great capacity of production in Lima.



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Calle Pancho Fierro 3477, Los Olivos - Lima - Peru

+51 483 7930


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